Hi there,

I am new to this forum and have recently started working on Moodle (2.2.1) as a part of client project. I have started Module Development. But since I am a newbie I know nothing about it. I am planning to create a module that displays Reports hierarchy wise. i.e. a Manager can view reports of his department, any section within his department, any area within his section and eventually any individual that area.

Similarly staff below manager can accordingly view reports down their hierarchy. Now I don't know if such an hierarchy system already exists or not. If not how do I create this hierarchy so that I know every user's permissions is set and after having checked that I can display or let them view appropriate report data.

Does capability play any role in this. How do I go about this feature or what would be the first good starting point for this plugin. Please do help since I am stuck with this for quite few days and unable to find any good documentation on online links to solve my problem. Any help is appreciated.