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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, ManageBac vs Webanywhere in Technical; We are an International School in Spain that uses the complete IBO from 3 to 18 years of age. We ...
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    ManageBac vs Webanywhere

    We are an International School in Spain that uses the complete IBO from 3 to 18 years of age. We currently use SIMS and itslearning and are unhappy with the limitations. We are exploring switching to either ManageBac or Webanywhere for our VLE and possibly moving to Progresso for our MIS. We're wondering if there are any other IB schools out there that already use a moodle-based VLE and whether or not they are satisfied with the level of functionality. Does anyone know if there has been any moodle development specifically for IB schools?

    Thank you for your advice.

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    I am not sure you need specific Moodle development for IB schools - exams are exams and it is the content that is important; not the design of the VLE . I can say that Moodle functions very well in all types of school - I know and have trained at several international schools who are happy with Moodle. SIMS integration with Moodle is provided both by WebAnywhere and LUNS so you don't necessarily need to switch your MIS. I hope you get some positive feedback from IB schools using Moodle

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    I would agree with @secretlife over the flexibility of moodle.

    We have partnered up with LUNS (@mrverral can confirm) so they can use ZiLink to deliver MIS integration.
    ZiLink will also be the first moodle integration to support progresso via SIF. So if you do decide to migrate from SIMS.net to Progresso there wouldn't be an issue.

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