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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Moodle versions in Technical; We are currently running Moodle 1.9.x and from June 2012 it will no longer receive security updates, meaning we should ...
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    Moodle versions

    We are currently running Moodle 1.9.x and from June 2012 it will no longer receive security updates, meaning we should be looking at upgrading. This would all be handled by our service provider, but I'd like some insight into what we can expect in terms of ease in which an upgrade would occur.

    Also, looking at their site, it appears they will be supporting each new version for only 18 months at a time, meaning that major upgrades will have to occur relatively frequently! Am I right here?

    Any thoughts would help.

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    We are in the same boat, but I may be a little further down the road re a switchover than you are.

    The latest version of Moodle (2.2?) will take allow you to restore a course that was created in 1.9.7. Ive tried several of our courses and they all switch over without a problem. I have to say Im impressed with 2.2, it offers many new features and improvements and is definitely a step forward.

    You may find issues with any additional blocks, modules, themes or customisations. The code behind how Moodle works has changed quite a lot and they basically need re-writing. Im taking this as an oppurtunity to completely re think how we deliver our VLE and obviously the June 2012 deadline forces our hand. Whilst the world isnt going to end on that date, its always a good idea to at least try to stay secure!


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    We're probably in the same boat too (although I have managed to delegate that responsibility down!)
    I know from setting up in a test enviroment that none of our custom themes (variations of the Aardvark themes from Moodle.org as well as a couple of others) didn't work in v2.x
    Not a super-huge concern, but it will mean I have to re-design/tweak v2 themes when the time comes. This might not apply to you if you don't use a non-standard theme of feature such as drop down menus via the theme etc.

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    We are also at a similar stage. Having tried to upgrade and failing we took the opportunity to buy a new server and install a fresh 2.2 version. We are now in the process of moving courses across whilst parallel running the old 1.9. Like Phil we have seen this as an opportunity to have a fresh start which is probably not a bad thing due to the major architectural changes under the hood. Upgrading and potentially copying across 6 years of dross was probably not a good idea anyway.

    Luckily we have a nice apprentice technician who will be tasked with transferring the 1000+ courses across!!!

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