Hi all

I was wondering if anyone could help and let me know if they successfully integrated Moodle 2.x (the latest version) with Google Apps and Gmail. We've looked into it and have a test Moodle 2 site running on a hosted computer. An external company has integrated Google into Moodle 2 for us but unfortunately when the GMail block is enabled on the homepage it causes a blank page upon login. We can solve it by now showing the GMail block on the homepage but means that we'd lose some of the functionality we have grown used to on Moodle 1.9 as we have Live@Edu integrated.

The school I am in is looking at the Moodle 2/Google option as there doesn't look like there will be a block for Live@Edu with Moodle 2.

It would be great to hear if anyone has solved it as we're stuck on 1.9 at the moment until we get a reliable integration option.

Any help given is appreciated.