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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Moodle In Primary School in Technical; Hi All, Hope you are all well and Ready for christmas.. I have few questions to ask. 1) Would Moddle ...
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    Moodle In Primary School

    Hi All,

    Hope you are all well and Ready for christmas..

    I have few questions to ask.

    1) Would Moddle be a good VLE in Primary Schools to Replace Kaleidos.
    2) What would be the pro's and con's
    3) Would it be easy to setup.

    Thanks in Advanced


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    Moodle is good - and i know a few primarys that use it. Yes it can be fairly easy to setup but it depends on how you want to use it. And as always - we are here to help!

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    If you are not making the most of Kaleidos then you need to ask why before changing to another VLE.

    Moodle can work well, but make sure you know what you need. Also think about what version you want ... some schools I know are sticking with 1.9 at the moment, rather than going to 2 ... mainly because they want to make sure everything works, but if you are starting from scratch you should not have that problem.

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    Well obviously I'm going to say yes, yes and yes But I do appreciate it's not as simple as that.
    (1)A lot of primary schools use Moodle quite happily -although the ones that do it the most succesfully don't tend to use it just for storing dead powerpoints - they get pupils involved, even the young ones. I reiterate what was said about Kaleidos - if that wasn't working for you then you need to find out why before moving to another VLE.
    (2)Pros and cons - it has a huge community that will give free help (here for instance and on the main Moodle site Moodle.org: open-source community-based tools for learning) so you don't need to wait for office hours for your VLE support. New features are constantly being added to the benefit of teachers, as opposed to commercial enterprises. Cons - the main one people say is that it is often driven in a school by an enthusiast who then leaves and nobody is left to take up the reins. For that you'd need to plan ahead when you set it up really.
    (3) Definitely if you are starting from scratch go for the latest version. How easy it is to set up really depends on how tech savvy you are in your primary school and I am not a techie so I can't answer that. However there are companies that set it up for you and give you admin rights so you don't have to worry about the tech side in your school. There are official Moodle partners and also other reliable webhosts who will do this.

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    As a primary school, if you have money - I would consider going to outside Moodle suppliers, they will provide a good basic site.

    Although as a person who knows a ton about IT Moodle is easy to setup, from a teachers point a view - not at all. The basic moodle install which is free - will come with basics (and I do mean basics) unless moodle has changed in the last 12 months since we last installed it.

    If you do go for the free one I hope you have the time and know how to really customise it, if I was you I would install it on a test machine and see what you get and if you are happy to customise it. Personally I would go for a supplier because moodle will require an on site machine and then you have to get that connected to the outsider world etc (which then you will want security etc).

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    We run Moodle for all our Primary schools in Stockport. It works well but only with the support of myself and our advisor. The schools that use the Moodle well are ones where the SLT and/or governors have got behind it, but I would say this is the same for any type of Learning Platform.

    With a nice theme, training and some tech support a Moodle can be just as effective as any other Learning Platform. There are a few companys out there that can help you with this we use Synergy Learning for our top level support but also got some themes and training from them as well.

    if you need any help or a point in the right direct drop me a message.

    Paul Garratt
    Stockport E-Learning Platform Manager

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