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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Moodle test on Windows 7? in Technical; A few questions from a newby We currently have a live Moodle that we wish to greatly customize etc. It ...
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    Moodle test on Windows 7?

    A few questions from a newby
    We currently have a live Moodle that we wish to greatly customize etc. It is hosted in UK and our school is in South Korea. We do not need the new Moodle to be live until next September so with money short we are considering installing it on a vanilla Windows 7 pc and using it to test, adapt etc before exporting it next summer to a fully fledged server. PC spec not great but sufficient with the amount of traffic expected.
    I intended using Microsoft Web Platform as recommended elsewhere and then a newer version of Moodle that that offered currently by Microsoft.
    Am I missing anything obvious? I have no desire to use Linux as need to get head around windows and Moodle. Only a few teachers will have access so no students or great traffic expected.
    Many thanks

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    For testing is should be just fine. By the way Moodle is not made by Microsoft....

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    If it is just for a test ( for themes course design etc) you may be better going with the noodle for windows pack supplied by moodle themselves. It's a self contained package that runs using xamppMore details here: Moodle.org: Download packages for WindowsHTHMarkEdit: iPhone autocorrect fail!
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