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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Moodle Classes Structure in Technical; Hi all, as you maybe able to see I am forging ahead with my Moodle installation. What I wanted to ...
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    Moodle Classes Structure

    Hi all,

    as you maybe able to see I am forging ahead with my Moodle installation.

    What I wanted to know if how other schools are structuring thier class setups within moodle, are there any examples I could look at??

    Also how do you associate students to class if you have the like of LDAP / IMAP authentication.

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    Re: Moodle Classes Structure

    Each class in the school has a code number consisting of the year and the staff initals, eg 8JGY . We simply reuse that for the actual course name. Courses are organised into subject areas, so Biology, English, Art, etc.

    We use the 'enrolment key' system. So it's the responsibility of the pupil to enroll on the moodle courses they are being taught.

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    Re: Moodle Classes Structure

    No easy solution at the moment if you are using SIMS to hold your class data. We use enrolment keys to assign students to courses. Seems to work OK.

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