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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Fronter Slow uploads in Technical; We are signed up to the LGFL and are using Fronter as our VLE. Staff are reporting that when a ...
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    Fronter Slow uploads

    We are signed up to the LGFL and are using Fronter as our VLE.

    Staff are reporting that when a whole class are uploading to their "My Documents" folder within fronter it is very slow and in some cases crashes the browser. They have said the students don't have problems uploading to the "Hand-in" folders.

    We have a 100Mb Internet Connection.

    Has anyone else experienced these problems?

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    Fronter can be slow but probably best raise this at support.fronter.com as you can get there techs to answer

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    LGFL Fronter are moving to Y11 - I think this has impacted on speeds. Fronter seems to have slowed down for us as well (London School).

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    If you are experiencing slow performance please ensure to log it with the support team. They may be able to run a trace route and find out if there is a problem with the connection. Also ensure that you are using the equinox1 proxy and that caching for fronter.com is disabled. With regards to the upload problem, if they are using the single file upload it could potentially take a long time but should not crash the browser. Using the multiple file upload for large single files is generally a better way to upload it as you see progress as the file uploads. If you are still having problems after this please report this to the support desk they should be able to look into this for you.

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