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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Google Drive a VLE replacement ? in Technical; Will Google Drive Yes, Google Drive Is Coming. For Real This Time. | TechCrunch replace the need for a VLE ...
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    Google Drive a VLE replacement ?

    Will Google Drive Yes, Google Drive Is Coming. For Real This Time. | TechCrunch replace the need for a VLE in schools ?

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    *waits for targetted advertising based on contents of Google drive*

    and things like "Hey, your mate Jeff on Google+ likes Ron Jeremy* too"

    *don't Google this.

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    If all a school uses their VLE for is transferring files between computers, they not only could replace it with Google Drive, but they probably should, because they've totally wasted their money on a VLE product they are barely using (and could already be using Google Docs for the same thing).

    If they are using it for any of the other myriad of things a VLE can do, then no, you can't replace it with Google Drive.

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    Were already using google for document storage (not a g drive, but google apps does hold other non-office files), there is no advertising (other than google logo) and it's not a VLE replacement. A VLE and an online storage or portfolio area are completely different things. Whilst we can already hold and link VLE material to out google storage, it doesn't replace the range of activities, MIS integration and course structure that a VLE provides.

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