We are with Uniservity and I can only corrobroate what you say about Uniservity not answering questions put to them. We took on the Parental Enagagement module with them only to find out almost immediately that one part, the timetable did not work at all for schools on 2 week timetable cycle!. Since then whilst trying to configure the PE I have come up against significant bugs, the last one took a whole month for them to fix, and that was after asking for a directors name and contact details, which we never were supplied with!. I have found yet more problems with the PE module and yet again appear to be getting nowhere in temrs of receiving a resolution. We are due to go over to 'Life' sometime soon, probably next early next year and to be honest - I am really dreading the future with Uniservity. So much does not work with the PE and I cannot find any school that is currently using 'Life' to get a users opinon. The sandpit version is pretty terrible to work with and try to understand (I too lost had my sandpit login disabled and it took ages to get it back). At the moment Uniservity are really not providing anything like the service we are paying for and I am dreading next year - if we are still with them!!