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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Shar Point Portal in Technical; Does anyone know the actual cost of Share point portal? (Not Share point services as I know that is a ...
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    Shar Point Portal

    Does anyone know the actual cost of Share point portal? (Not Share point services as I know that is a feature of Server 2003)

    for the actual kit and licensing?

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    Re: Shar Point Portal

    Speak with your usual MS reseller (Ramesys, Pugh, etc) as it will vary depending on whether you are on a Select Agreement, Schools Agreement or other variation of these.

    If you are planning to host it yourself then also take into account the other parts of MOSS ... things like Live Comms, Exchange, etc

    If it is part of a pricing plan to see whther you want to host it yourself or have it hosted off site then remember that most providers will do it under a different license model completely ... and that is where it gets seriously interesting.

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