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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Moodle/homework questions. in Technical; Got myself a bit confused with this! The head wants me to put weekly homework on the school website, some ...
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    Moodle/homework questions.

    Got myself a bit confused with this!

    The head wants me to put weekly homework on the school website, some of which will just be in pdf format for the pupils to read and use their homework books to complete the work. She would also like the option of word/openoffice docs to be completed at home and emailed back to school. This is all quite straightforward but I'm trying to think of an easier way than emailing work back to school. Although I'm not sure how other schools do online homework.

    We also have a moodle site that I set up to satisfy the VLE requirements. It's hosted externally and as yet there are no logons. How do you use moodle for homework? If I hosted the site on a spare server within school would that give me the facility for pupils to save work without the need to email it back to themselves at school?

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    Hi there. Yes - if you add your pupils to Moodle then there is a feature called "assignments" which allows them to upload work such as Word docs or powerpoints to their teacher and their teacher can see them on Moodle and send back feedback and offer a grade -there is a gradebook on Moodle which will calculate final grades etc and also offers export options in Excel. The other thing is - there is an assignment called "online text" where pupils can simply type their responses directly into Moodle instead of uploading a Word doc, and the teacher can write their comments on top of the text, like marking with pen. Another assignment type - "advanced uploading of files" allows for the teacher to comment on the Word doc (for instance) and then send it back to the pupil. Moodle has its own directory where it stores the work so you don't need to set something up yourself. Also - if you are using Moodle 2.0 or later (which version are you using?) then there is a feature "private files" whereby any user can store files for themselves to use later. And finally -not essential but - if you are going to use it for homeworks, you can make it so much easier and more fulfilling for pupils if you use assignments rather than uploading static pdfs.

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