Another popular frog post

We have just paid for it and awaiting the ISA software to turn up to do the final prep before the Design of frog starts.

Just wondering what other schools have created so far in Frog?

We have a few staff asking about online Detention forms, behavior records (similar to our databases). The beviour record is also used to report CET calls (SMT) which then sends an email to the relevant Key Stage Team.

We IT peeps are after creating our Help Centre on there as well, this is currently on sharepoint 3.0 - free

Having looked around so far it does all seem possible but just wondering what other places have created so far. If so do you offer them free or cost?

Our Frog is going to be heavily used and we do plan on so much being put on there, we understand there may be limitations. I my self have a huge list of stuff I want to go on there and all my spare* time I will be developing Frog. I do have a ton of other things to do though.