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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, OxBox SCORM & Frog in Technical; ...
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    Removing Table of Content Entries
    1. Unpack the SCORM zip file.
      Right click on the file SCORM_File.zip > 7-Zip > Extract Files to "SCORM_File".
    2. Open the folder "SCORM_File"
    3. Right click and edit imsmanifest.xml.
      You may need to use WordPad as some of these files will be generated using a Unix text file format, CR as apposed to CR+LF.
    4. Locate the title of the contents section you want to remove. Make a note of the identifierref value as you will be looking for this later. Delete the section <item …> … </item> inclusive.
    5. Locate the value from identifierref in 4. Note the value in href=”…“, this is the path a file. We will be deleting this file next as it will make the SCORM package smaller.
    6. Delete the section <resource identifier=”…” … > … </resource>. Where the identifier value matches the identifierref you noted earlier.
    7. Locate the file from 5 and delete it.
    8. Repeat from 4 if there are more entries to delete.
    9. Repackage the files into a .zip file.
    10. In the folder SCORM_File.
      Select all files.
      Right click. 7-Zip > Add to “SCORM_File.zip”
    11. Upload the file SCORM_File.zip to the VLE & test.

    Important things to note.
    • imsmanifest.xml must be in the root of the .zip file. If it is in a sub-folder then the SCORM file is not valid and the upload will fail.
    • As of 05/04/11 there seems to be a bug in Frog. Updating a SCORM package does not seem to work. The upload occurs but the update does not. The work around is to delete the SCORM file and upload again. This is likely to cause problems if the SCORM is published in any form as the URL will change. After a brief test earlier today this bug seems to have been resolved in the latest version / patch.

    Example imsmanifest.xml
    Conventions used here:
    Bold – Items to note / search for.
    Italics – Items to delete.
    … – Snipped out text to shorten the example.

    Here I want to remove one of the two “1.1 Lesson plan” entries.

    <organizations default="OxBox">
    <organization identifier="OxBox">
    <title>Book 1 - Year 7 (1.1 Using a microscope-Oxford)</title>
    <item identifier="ITEM_6" isvisible="true">
    <title>Unit 1 - Cells</title>
    <item identifier="ITEM_18" isvisible="true">
    <title>1.1 Using a microscope</title>
    <item identifier="ITEM_8fc9fa8e-755c-4ece-958c-44ba0f434dae" identifierref="Res1f1608c8-9065-48a8-9e40-fba903136e36" isvisible="true">
    <title>1.1 Textbook spread</title>
    <item identifier="ITEM_7feb943b-6183-482b-be0e-505a7145ac42" identifierref="Rese59348d2-b018-4a17-b750-48d72c5aad4b" isvisible="true">
    <title>1.1 Lesson plan</title>

    <item identifier="ITEM_1e9b6595-ab25-41eb-84d1-1e661939e7ae" identifierref="Res31f5fab0-61a5-4fcb-a36f-10c879945e14" isvisible="true">
    <title>1.1 Lesson plan</title>

    <resource identifier="Res1f1608c8-9065-48a8-9e40-fba903136e36" type="webcontent" adlcp:scormType="asset" href="Content/1/5/6/18/ox_sw1_b11_sp.pdf">
    <lom xmlns="http://ltsc.ieee.org/xsd/LOM">

    <file href="Content/1/5/6/18/ox_sw1_b11_sp.pdf" />
    <resource identifier="Rese59348d2-b018-4a17-b750-48d72c5aad4b" type="webcontent" adlcp:scormType="asset" href="Content/1/5/6/18/ox_sw1_b11_lp.pdf">
    <lom xmlns="http://ltsc.ieee.org/xsd/LOM">
    <string language="en">1.1 Lesson plan (Science Works Y7-Oxford)</string>
    <string language="en">PDF version of the main lesson plan for this lesson.</string>
    <string language="en">microscopes</string>
    <string language="en">magnification</string>
    <string>Copyright Oxford University Press 2008.</string>
    <file href="Content/1/5/6/18/ox_sw1_b11_lp.pdf" />

    <resource identifier="Res31f5fab0-61a5-4fcb-a36f-10c879945e14" type="webcontent" adlcp:scormType="asset" href="Content/1/5/6/18/ox_sw1_b11_lp.doc">

  2. 3 Thanks to sjatkn:

    A_Teacher_Of_Computing (13th June 2011), bandgeekmafia78 (10th October 2011), PICNIC (21st October 2013)

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