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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Freelance Moodle in Technical; Dear All Sorry to impose, I am a teacher but a few years ago, as a HoD ICT persuaded my ...
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    Freelance Moodle

    Dear All

    Sorry to impose, I am a teacher but a few years ago, as a HoD ICT persuaded my school to change it's VLE to Moodle. Unfortuanately, I left the school soon after and would now like to update my skills. This will be an extra curricular project

    So, I would like to create my own moodle - several Maths and ICT courses. I want to publish it for a small number of people and was wondering what the best way forward would be? A small fee to a moodle hoster is what I am hoping for.

    Thank you

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    You want a normal hosting package which offers php and mysql and get someone to install it for you if you are not up to it.

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