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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, VLEs and Special Schools in Technical; We're currently looking at VLEs for the school. All have their pros and cons as is to be expected, but ...
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    VLEs and Special Schools

    We're currently looking at VLEs for the school. All have their pros and cons as is to be expected, but none seem to mention special schools.
    Is there anyone out there from a special school using a VLE, which one and why?


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    Re: VLEs and Special Schools

    Without mentioning too much, since I am in a group looking at it at LA level, I can give you a few ideas about whay questions you should be asking the 10 accredited providers and any other company that provides VLEs.

    Firstly you need to examine accessibility and how it complies ... does it have it's own accessibility format or does it use that built into the browser or OS.

    What are the visual requirements for navigation? Text, graphical, iconic or a mixture? Can this be adjusted on a learner by learner basis or is it global?

    What resources come bundled that are specific for early years / primary / secondary / special?

    There are a few that in spite of having accredited status will not be able to answer the above in a positive fashion ... and if any of them do say they can you should ask for live examples.

    Not much help I know ... but hopefully it is a start.

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    Re: VLEs and Special Schools

    Are you allowed to list the VLEs so that we can have a look at them? And possibly have a discussion about them?

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