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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, SCORM reporting in Fronter? in Technical; Hi everybody, Is there any way to get the reporting of Scorm tests in Fronter's Portfolio right? I have tried ...
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    Unhappy SCORM reporting in Fronter?

    Hi everybody,
    Is there any way to get the reporting of Scorm tests in Fronter's Portfolio right? I have tried using different test authring tools to produce scorm compliant tests and then use them in Fronter. I can never get the correct reporting in Portfolio.

    Is there anybody that has found any solution to it?
    Thank you,
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    I'm also just getting started with SCORM and as you will see from the workaround thread am finding oddities. Which aspect of the reporting is causing problems?

    I usually get the score reported correctly albeit as a percentage rather than as a raw score but I get the impression that this is quite normal for SCORM. The status was shown as completed for one course with progress at 100% but another course only ever reported as being active and progress as n/a even when it was complete and scores were displayed. I experimented to see if progress was being correctly stored by quitting a course early and sure enough when I returned it knew the course was incomplete and asked if I wanted to resume and showed the answers marked up to the point where I quit. Still, the course might have been at fault for not correctly reporting the amount of progress through the test.

    As best I can figure there are three possible problem areas:
    1. The course that has been produced.
    2. The player that runs the course.
    3. The transfering of information into the Fronter database.

    To check the first I am running any trial courses in the Scorm Cloud (at Scorm.com). If no problems show there I am assuming the course to be fine. This did reveal that Status was an issue with one of my courses but it doesn't affect the results so I am ignoring it for now.

    The player seems to be standard albeit somewhat slower than the one at the Cloud which I putting down to it being java. Perhaps that's unfair.

    As for the third, I suspect Fronter for a couple of my problems. The most serious was a student completed the course and when attempting to retake the course is correctly told that he has completed the course but the score hasn't been recorded by Fronter. The end result being that there is no way to see the students answers because nothing is revealed until Fronter decides the exercise is complete. Since the same course worked fine in the Cloud and was recorded correctly when two other students took the course I'm suspecting a corrupt database.

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