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    Cheeky VLE Request for information

    Hi All
    I am now on the mission of implementing our VLE – Parental Access here at our school. A huge mission I know!

    I was wondering if any of you guys out there would want to share best practice with what you are doing with the VLE you are using, which one you chose – why you chose it and have you been able to successfully integrate it with any other systems, ie MIS, Cashless Catering, library systems or any others.

    Was this painless? Did you have the skilsl in house to do this on your own? And what are Staff, Students and parents able to see when they log in.

    Finally – would any of you be able to accommodate a visit by myself and my team to look at what you are doing with VLE and Parental Access, to help us make a decision of where we move forward.

    If anyone can help please don’t hesitate to PM me

    Many Thanks for reading



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    Our parental access is done through our MIS, there's no tie-up with the VLE. We had to write a couple of helper tools ourselves (boy, that was fun...), but most of the functionality is built-in.

    I'm happy to discuss how we do it by email.

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    I will answer this from a primary school perspective. If its Sims info you want the parents to see you can use Sims gateway and use a vle for the children's activities. the parents use the childrens login info for the vle to view their work.

    Sorry had to do this in a rush

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    We have moodle and will be using the interface for SIMS data anytime soon. Where are you?

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