Hello folks!

Well, we have SIMS Learning Gateway AND it's Learning to get used to this year. We've been experiencing some issues with the SIMS -> Lynchpin -> it's Learning route though. Namely, when the data is sent from SIMS to Lynchpin, two of the year groups are being sent as "9_1" and "10_1". Apparently this is something to do with the SIMS db, but I'm unsure what to say to Capita support. They have checked SIMS remotely and say everything is fine, but the data is still being sent wrong.

I know, I hear you all saying "contact it's Learning support" or "contact Capita support" and this I have done. Many times. What's amazing to me is that I commented on it's Learning and literally 3 minutes later someone had replied on here. So I'm wondering if you guys can help?