If anyone can help me I would REALLY appreciate it. Panic does not even begin to describe it...

Last night I was updating Moodle from version 1.9.1 to 1.9.9. I did all the suggested backups with the user data, sql server, moodle folder, etc. I moved the 1.9.9 update into the Moodle server. Launched moodle via the web and it started the install update. About halfway through updating the sql database it crashed and corrupted my sql database. I tried to restore it from phpmyadmin but it kept throwing off errors and wouldn't update the database.

After that I tried to restore my Moodle from my backups I had made just before installing the updates but no luck.

So my final effort was to restore my entire Moodle server from a backup from the night before of my entire web server (basically reimaged the entire windows server that Moodle was running on).

My Moodle site and all the courses and everything is restored. But I still have one big problem. When students log in, they don't see a list of the courses they are enrolled in and they can't submit assignments. It throws an error when trying to save their work when they enter an assignment. As the teacher, when I log in to my class it doesn't give me a listing of "my courses". When I look at the roles for the class the students ARE in the course. I can also see their grades.

I tried having a student unenroll from the course but they cannot do so.

I tried removing a student from my course via the roles page when logged in as a teacher and i can't do that either.

Any idea how to fix this? We have over 450 teachers using Moodle and nearly 2000 students.