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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Parents' Pages in Technical; Hi everyone, We have a Parent Portal on our VLE. We're actually using the Frog VLE but my question concerns ...
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    Parents' Pages

    Hi everyone,

    We have a Parent Portal on our VLE. We're actually using the Frog VLE but my question concerns all VLEs really.

    If you have opened up your VLE for parents, can you tell me what pages you have available to them?

    So far we have:

    - Main Page
    - Attendance
    - Parent Voice (forums)
    - School Calendar
    - Governors (list of school governors)
    - Your Details (displays parent's address, telephone number etc.)
    - Update Details
    - Contact School
    - Parent Portal (explains what it is and why we're doing it)

    Coming shortly we will also be adding an assessment page but I'd welcome ideas from others about what extra pages we can add.

    Many thanks

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    do you have cashless catering system at all, jamie oliver has had his mits all over the schools menu and maybe you guys could post what food is on this week or next week, so that the parents can see what the child has, just a idea,

    maybe also have a news page where parents can see what is happening in the school and all future activities

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    Well so far we have a forum (0 posts in 6 months!). Going to use Fronter logins for Nursery kids as a way of sharing general info, times etc...


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    Advanced Parent Voice function. I mean not just forum, but some kind of communication tools. Here is just a list:
    - forums + chats, where parents and teachers can quickly exchange messages using embedded e-mail or the Dropbox tool that allows to exchange files without using e-mail,
    - announcements can be sent to parentss and shown on a daily/weekly/monthly basis,
    - live conference is a convenient feature for providing online communication between teacher and parents with the possibility to use virtual whiteboard, webcam, microphone etc.

    Communication tools will add some fun and will attract parents.

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