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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Fronter, don't make me laugh in Technical; ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pottsey View Post
    Take a look at the Calendar is has to be the worst online calendar I have ever seen. There are no decent printout options, itís a pain to read, looks a mess and just doesnít work when you have more than a few appointments on.

    I agree with a lot of what the writer said. Many of our staff members say the same thing. Its slow and looks like FrontPage97 designed website when using the Fronter tools. The only bit I donít agree with or should that be problem I have not run into is needing two or more usernames and passwords.
    Ok i concede the calendar point, it does appear to be dreadful. But then we use SIMS for our calendar so haven't put too much time into looking at the Fronter calendar anyway.

    Slow? Well to be honest any performance issues we have had has been down to Internet performance and not Fronter per se which applies to any Internet service but thats just our experience.

    As for the design, well the themes can be changed. We have a selection of themes, some of them are indeed awful, but the LA designed adult theme is quite good and the pupil template is actually good for young children.

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    .. the new Learning Platform I've spent the summer building.
    I would seem that the blogger has spent alot of time setting up their own system and doen't like the idea of having to replace it with Fronter.

    Although the school is not part of the "Fronter Revolution", the HT has access to it in order to reach resources such as the new "MFL section" - as the county is now starting to place teaching and learning, and CPD, resources on (what I always thought was) the pupils learning platform.
    Our LA uses it the same way and is a great way for the LA to get resources and information out to staff quickly. Yes the pages can be rather web 1.0 but for those who want to make something flashy and are ok with html you can create your pages as html pages and upload them to Fronter.

    There is the comment "the pupils learning platform" but Fronter is sold as a MLE rather than a VLE so the idea is that it is used by LA / School / Parents / Governors.

    Working in Primaries I will agree that some aspects of Fronter may not be required, but the way I am loking at it with my schools is keep it simple at first, for example a staff room for calendar and messages and then let it grow rather than diving into everything at once.

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    Just to add to the Fronter wonderfulness (!?)

    I have just noticed that the Java download app actually displays all the drives available, including C even to a non privaledged user, I have just tested this by saving over an exe file, which I had previously downloaded, with a video. I have just logged back on as an admin and the file has been replaced by a video!! O dear this is not good!

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    There seems to be a few issues here, which are being argued over:

    1) Problems with Fronter itself - the blogger has a low opinion of Fronter, and has voiced this publicly. There's plenty of people out there who can stick up for it, and argue its pro's and cons. All platforms out there have stuff that's great and stuff that's not so good - they do need to be told this so they can get it right for schools in the future!

    2) A school wanting to go its own way and not toe the party line. This is natural when schools have invested time/effort only to be told to use a product procured by LAs. If a school has its own solution that is acutally being *used* this should be celebrated and supported.

    3) Transition from junior to secondary learning platforms. The general functionality of platforms is pretty similar product to product. Children that have used one at junior school shouldn't have a problem moving to a new one. There's no reason why dialogue between schools can't make sure things like username/passwords can't be synced between them.

    4) LA wide platforms procured for 3-18 year olds are not a good idea. It's clear that LA's are finding it very hard to get their school's using platforms that are not suitable for this massive age range. Hopefully in the future either:

    a) Platforms will be able to cope with this by having multiple skins/interfaces for each KS.
    b) LA's will have a different strategy which takes into account the different skillsets of primary/secondary teachers and children.

    I wouldn't be so quick to rubbish the opinions of the blogger in question - I believe he's had Fronter training and was turned off from the start. There are teachers out there with exactly the same experience with all LA provided training/platforms.


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    Fronter is essentially middleware. In order to get it looking good and functioning well you need someone with web design experience who can engineer a good VLE using Fronter as a tool.

    It is a horrible, counter-intuitive piece of software, though.

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    no one in my school likes our Fronter VLE... Though some of the time I find that they aren't using it correctly

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