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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Fronter - where did you start in Technical; OK, so like many schools we have been 'given' Fronter, got started a bit last year, its now on the ...
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    Fronter - where did you start

    OK, so like many schools we have been 'given' Fronter, got started a bit last year, its now on the School development Plan and I am meant to have a 'vision' and the steps to get there!

    Whilst I understand that each school has different needs, and so there is not a standard way to implement Fronter across schools (mine is a Primary) is there anyone out there who has been successful in implementation and can help give me some direction.

    LEA is supporting this year, but after being to a strategic planning meeting I'm not sure I'm any the wiser!!

    Many thanks

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    I'm administering Fronter in a 1270 student secondary school using SIMs as the MIS. We're now in year 2 of a 3 year roll out.

    Without knowing too much about your school, how it works, targets and any technical issues it's bit difficult to say very much but based on limited experience at my local primary as a parent governor I'd be looking at :

    - any overlaps with the school intranet, email, website, email, use of memory sticks with an eye on solving any technical/security/support/cost/administration issues (and preventing the introduction of more issues)
    - getting teachers and TA's trained to "manage" the Fronter room for the class(es) they teach/support
    - setting up a room for the Governing Body, School Council etc.. and getting members to store their documents there
    - looking at how schemes of work and lesson plans are currently developed, stored, edited (and backed up)
    - if practical, I'd look at how each student could have his/her own Fronter room to manage/build throughout their time at the school and enabling access for the students parents
    - developing a series of tests and quizzes for the students
    - looking at how to use the Learning Path feature to support the weaker and brighter students

    with a view to putting date targets, training plans, etc... together. You're probably going to have different approaches for Foundation, KS1 and KS2.

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