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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, All-in-one Sharepoint Package / Image? in Technical; Hi All, Having had a look around for something like this I think I might already know the answer - ...
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    All-in-one Sharepoint Package / Image?

    Hi All,

    Having had a look around for something like this I think I might already know the answer - but do any of you know if there is such a thing as a "Sharepoint Image" that could be installed to a server or in to vmware to allow the Sharepoint site to work with a large amount of normal installation / admin work already done?

    I'm sure there are people reading this asking why -and the answer is basically, I'm ultra short on time, but know that Sharepoint is a wonderful bit of kit.

    Everytime I think about doing it I get as far as installing Sharepoint to a basic level and then getting stuck installing the extra modules using the command line stuff and making the site actually function properly (I'm possibly explaining that wrong - but if I am you kind of see my problem!)

    If not, is there a complete "idiots" guide to Sharepoint installation / administration that anyone has found useful in a similar position to mine?

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    What do you need it to do?

    A number of commerical products are based on Sharepoint, such as RM Kaleidos and Capita SIMS Learning Gateway 2.

    There is also the Microsoft Learning Gateway (http://www.microsoft.com/education/slk.mspx)

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    I doubt there will be as there would be licensing issues.


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    What is it that your trying to install with regards to sharepoint?

    I do not have VHD in which you can just install not for MOSS anyway.. i do have one for WSS but that is it it's harder to do one for MOSS due to MOSS being licensed.

    If you need any help installing this, feel free to PM me :-)


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