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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Sharepoint and SQL backup in Technical; it's been very easy to back up SQL servers in the past I.E. full backup of mdb then incrementals of ...
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    Sharepoint and SQL backup

    it's been very easy to back up SQL servers in the past I.E. full backup of mdb then incrementals of all the transaction logs however if a pupil is using sharepoint mysite documents and deletes a file how easy is it to get that file back? If a pupil has the mysite document area mapped as his or her My Documents area and deletes the file how does sharepoint track this?


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    There's various options.

    There is of course the user's recycle bin if the document was deleted in the last 30 days, and then the site collection recycle bin for another 30 days after that. All accessed through the standard SharePoint UI.

    If you have backups of the content database from when the document existed then you can restore it into a SharePoint environment (not your live one) and the access it, or there's various hacks you can use to get it directly out of the database
    Notes from the Field : Recover Documents from MOSS 2007 Database
    Michael O'Donovan's SharePoint and Stuff : How to recover SharePoint document once deleted from recycle bin

    For all the above if the document is versioned you may need to try several backups to get the right version.

    There will be some commercial tools which keep backups or help you retrieve documents from DB backups, but I haven't used any of them so can't comment on them.

    Very best thing to do would be to try a test now and see what works for you. Don't leave it until you absolutely need to retrieve a document.


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