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"We suggest an alternative model of managing technological change, one that reflects the dynamic and variable nature of contemporary organizations and technologies, and which accommodates iterative experimentation, use, and learning over time. We label such a model of managing technological change "improvisational," and suggest that it may enable organizations to take advantage of the evolving capabilities, emerging practices, and unanticipated outcomes that accompany use of new technologies in contemporary organizations." Orlikowski & Hofman, An Improvisational Model of Change Management (M.I.T. 1997)

This has been my guiding light when attempting to gain interest in our VLE. I should add that I work in a secondary school and we use Moodle, though ‬I suspect that you may be able to achieve some of this with your own VLE. Don't expect everyone to add interactive lessons, make a start with material given by the exam bodies, for example, our Year 10/11 courses tend to feature Exam specifications which list Areas of Study, Knowledge, Skills & Understanding. The teacher can then add Schemes of Work with Levels, e.g. To achieve Level 5 you need to be able to etc..

I managed to engage our English department by first getting them to put revision material online a few weeks before study leave began, and created forums so that if any pupils were struggling they could post to the forum, where either a teacher or another pupil would pick it up. I know from the stats that these sections were hammered by the pupils in the run up to the exams, and I believe advances were made in some grades attained by pupils. These stats were then used as hard evidence that the VLE was having a positive affect. SLT caught on quickly.

I'd helped set up a photography course at the very beginning of our VLE's introduction, then found the teacher still handing out printed sheets asking pupils to create a PowerPoint presentation on certain photographers. I used the opportunity to show him how to set assignmenmts/homework on the VLE. Now he has a record of everything each pupil has done on the course attached to that pupil's name. I set up galleries for the pupils where they can peer review each other's work, and hopefully in the future examiners will be given acces to these galleries, rather than submitting CDs through the post, where they can then mark them.

I ask for details of any new staff beginning school in the forthcoming term and give them a login to the VLE alongside setting up an email account. I email them the information and point them to the online training materials, which they can look at during the holidays before they start work at our school. New teachers don't know any different, for them the VLE has always been in operation at our school. Put on a map of the school, possibly with photographs of every member of staff. This is the ideal place for induction materials, rather than handing out sheaves of paper.

We train and mentor graduate teachers, and to this end I've set up a sections where they can communicate with their mentors, link to teacher training websites etc. Not only does this get the trainees involved, but also the member of SLT responsible for handling their time at school, and a teacher from the faculty the trainees will be shadowing.

I used to use Webman's very good online room booking system, but when we got the VLE I chose one which intergrated with it so that by logging onto the VLE they were automatically logged into the room booking system. It was step backward in sophistication, but a step forward in getting teachers to log into the VLE. Admin staff use it to locate teachers if they are not in their timetabled rooms, but are in fact using one of our IT suites. That's an improvisational use of technology.

Policy documents can go online. Exam timetables. School clubs.

Show SLT that these services are being used. It takes time. You have to stay on your toes, alert for these types of opportunity to promote the VLE in devious ways. And be prepared to do the hard work for them, at least initially.

Get your ICTAC representatives in a meeting and demonstrate some of the possibilities of the VLE. It's their job to cascade this down to their faculties. Be prepared to show people how to do stuff at the drop of a hat as the topic may not come to the top of their pile again for a very long time. Be prepared for disappointments. Teachers have a lot on their plates.

It's a long slow process.
Sounds like you've put a lot of work into it. I think that is how I will have to begin, one snippet at a time.