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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Uniservity in Technical; That's what I thought....
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    That's what I thought.

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    An unreliable one at that.

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    Indeed unreliable.

    It is useable to certain extents, for example it was good to be able to do an audit on a recent addition to ours for food tech and to be able to see kids accessing it outside of school to get the latest menu's/recipes... but god knows how utterly 'pished' if they are when they get the 'uniservity has encountered an error' page for 10mins+ at a time.

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    Have these comments been made to someone in the LA, I know it's possibly too late for you guys but warning to other LA's may mean that others don't suffer the same fate?
    Northamptonshire went with LP+ for its solution and although quite a fair few opted out due to current resources in place, it has worked to an extent for schools without the facilities.
    There seems to be very few 'timeout' problems with LP+ and to be honest, that is what you would expect from the huge amounts they charge (whether it is via grants or top slicing budgets).
    I feel sorry that you have been forced into a decision without been given a proper trial, which we were lucky enough to have before the charges came in (I believe it was possibly a year!?!).
    I do hope you are given the resource you deserve and I'm sure there are plenty of open source solutions out there that you can run in house if it really really isn't what you are after. *cough*moodle is your friend*cough*

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