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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Kaleidos - Development and Rollout in Technical; Hi, I wondered if anyone would be willing to let me have a sneak peek at their Kaleidos platforms - ...
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    Kaleidos - Development and Rollout


    I wondered if anyone would be willing to let me have a sneak peek at their Kaleidos platforms - We signed up last year and have made a start developing it, though in reality it's not going to get much attention until the start of the school year when the plan is to get everybody using it to some degree and to start building on the content. We realise a VLE is a long-term investment in terms of time and results so aren't expecting any miracles, but it would be really good to see what other schools that either have had more time devoted to it thus far, or who had a headstart, have done with Kaleidos and where they are looking to go next with it.

    I won't get into a debate as to why we went with Kaleidos as it wasn't in my hands, though now we're using it I am really keen to get the best out of it and any advice/input from those that have seen or used it would be more than appreciated.

    If anyone wants a chat, please don't hesitate to drop me a PM and we can swap contact details.


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    Pm on its way.


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