You may be interested in SALTISí announcement today of the start of a BECTA/ISB project to improve interoperability between digital learning content and learning platforms.

The SALTIS press release is at SALTIS press release (14/08/09).

You may also be interested to read two SALTIS papers available at SALTIS Papers:

Benefits and barriers in the use of managed content is written to stimulate the consultation which will be occurring in the next few weeks to inform the projectís requirements document.

Supporting Interoperable Learning Content, which was published last BETT, makes the case for better interoperability as a key driver in using ICT to raise standards of teaching and learning in schools and would be useful background reading if the significance of interoperability escapes you. If you want a hard copy of this report, drop me a line at

Both this formative stage of the project, and the final sign-off of project outputs will involve consultations with three key stakeholder groups: learning platform providers, content publishers, and representatives of end-users. Although the formal end-user panel will be selected by the independent consultancy EdICTs, we are interested in informal inputs from all interested parties.

The views of teachers and educational leaders are of great interest to the project. Please let me know what you think, either by private email ( or through this list or on the SALTIS forum atGeneral -. If you are interested in joining the panel representing end-users, please write to

Crispin Weston
Chairman of SALTIS.

Apologies for cross posting.