Trying to get set up some e portfolio arangement on moodle. either using MrCute to just allow the upload once of all material then they can be added into each students portfolio which causes problem A
see below

Im having a bit of trouble getting MrCUTE to work on our linux box.
In the search repository block setup I have this

MrCUTE setup Full local path to repository e.g. '/var/www/moodledata/1/ims_repository' /home/moodledata/1/ims_repository
URL path to ims repository e.g. '/file.php/1/ims_repository': files/index.php?id=1/ims_repository

When I went to notifications it says everything was successful

1st problem
I go to add a resource droop down menu and I see under Add an IMS content package [[resourcetypemycuteget]] and [[resourcetypemrcuteput]]

2nd if I go to [[resourcetypemrcuteget]] I get the page as described in the manual. I click on find resources and theres nothing in any of the areas even using the test one from the mrCUTe site so I go to deploy all
And get this
DEPLOYING /home/moodledata/1/ims_repository//Vocational
DEPLOYING /home/moodledata/1/ims_repository//Miscellaneous

Its adding an extra / to the end there
3rd when I go to the [[resourcetypemrcuteput]] option I again see a screen that looks like its working go to upload a file or create a package which spawns a new window I then click add a file which allows me to search for a file after I browsed and click add nothing happens it just stays on that page?

Any ideas?

Or if i go with the creating a portfolio (course, then trying to back it up) i get this

* Creating temporary structures
* Deleting old data
* Creating XML file
o Writing header
o Writing general info
o Writing course data
+ Course info
+ Blocks
+ Sections
o Writing users info
o Writing categories and questions
o Writing scales info
o Writing groups info
o Writing groupings info
o Writing groupings-groups info
o Writing events info
o Writing gradebook info
o Writing modules info
+ Forums
+ Resources
o Course format data
* Copying course files
* Copying site files used in course
* Zipping backup
Abort pclzip.lib.php : Missing zlib extensions

Im sure that zlib is installed