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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Allow parents to send messages in Technical; I've been asked to look into the possibility of allowing parents to send messages to us through the school moodle ...
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    Allow parents to send messages

    I've been asked to look into the possibility of allowing parents to send messages to us through the school moodle we have. Is this possible? if so how would i go about setting it up?

    I was wondering will i have to create user accounts for all parents to allow this, or is there a way of creating a form in moodle to send messages to a certain email address. Oh we were thinking of something like a forum for parents, but then decided that we didn't want parents viewing what other parents had written.

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    Hi there
    (see you are not a million miles from me!) Well;there are several workarounds you could do - although I am sceptical of any way being better than parents simply emailing the school to be honest.
    You could give them all a Moodle account (you'd need that if you ever went down the Parent role /mentor route anyway) and then set up a course just for Parents, shut off from others with an enrolment key/ Then if you don't want a forum where parents can see each others' postings, use the journal - it is private and we use it for pastoral communication between pupils and their Heads of Year. (Or the online text assignment which is its successor) I wouldn't use the messaging in case of the risk of them communicating with others in the Moodle and in fact I would turn off all the side blocks and just have the one activity - the journal - in the course. The other way to do it - simpler I suppose - would be to create a parent login: username: Parent - password - whatever you want - and ensure they cannot change the password. Then they all use the generic log in to post a message but they need to be made aware they have to state whose parent they are. Or... you could just make an html block on the front page with a mailto: link to your school email or whoever will be taking the messages and then parents click on it to email school. To be honest I think that might be the best.
    If I can think of other, better ways, I will get back to you.

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    i dont use moodle so cant say for definiate, but would something like this work?



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    I suppose you could just setup up an additional page as a contact us?

    Using something similar to the following:

    Contact Us Script

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