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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Sharepoint AV solution? in Technical; So, I saw that Microsoft announced that the Exchange 2007 beta is being made publicly available today. I also saw ...
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    Sharepoint AV solution?

    So, I saw that Microsoft announced that the Exchange 2007 beta is being made publicly available today. I also saw that they were making the beta of Forefront available too.

    Being as Forefront is a rebadged version of Sybari Antigen, I thought I'd take a look at the Sybari site and see what else they did. I noticed they did an antivirus solution for Sharepoint as well.

    Now that I think about it, this makes a lot of sense to me. Stuff stored in Sharepoint is stored in the SQL database iirc so the regular virus scanner on the Sharepoint/SQL server itself is probably not going to catch any malware that gets uploaded to it. Alright, the on-access scanner on the workstations will probably catch it once it's downloaded but there is nothing to stop people from uploading crap from the outside.

    So, I take a look at McAfee's site and see that they do a Sharepoint scanner too.

    The point to my rambling is this: I know there are a few people here who run the Microsoft Learning Gateway. Do you have an AV solution for it? How much did it cost? Is it any good?



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    Re: Sharepoint AV solution?

    I looked at this a while ago and looked at Sybari, Symantec, AVG's SPS AV solutions which all work out to at least £1500-£2000 pa when you have at least 1000 users. That's using either licensing model (per user, or per server) where available.

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    Re: Sharepoint AV solution?

    We use Sybaris for our Exchange Server 2003 we have kept the users to 999 and I only pay about £1000 for two years (I think the pricing is the same for SharePoint, bought from Civica). Incidentally the Sybaris software I use has the McAfee, CA Vet, Sophos, Norman Data Defence engines all running, the updating is faultless but the notifications where ott. A couple of clicks later and everything’s cool.

    I will be looking at the Forefront offering when my licence runs out in a year

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