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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Moodle Questionnaire Module in Technical; Already posted this on Moodle forums, but posting here to see if anyone can help I am currently trying to ...
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    Moodle Questionnaire Module

    Already posted this on Moodle forums, but posting here to see if anyone can help

    I am currently trying to get the Questionnaire module working on our Moodle 1.6 site.
    The site did have an old version of the Questionnaire module (2006031702) which was removed because I found that links within the questionnaire being produced were trying to redirect user to a proxy blocking site, as the code is old it was possible that the site was being hijacked.
    I've used the 1.8 version of Questionnaire as this only requires a mooodle version of 2005031000 inorder to run. After installing the new 1.8 Questionnaire, I am now getting the following error when you click on Edit Questions

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: print_box_start() in /srv/www/htdocs/nsgonline-1.5/mod/questionnaire/questions.inc on line 117

    The installation went fine without any errors in the tables.

    Anyone else come acrossed this?

    I know I'm using a really outdated version of Moodle and hopefully we will be updating in the summer but hope to get a quick fix for this.


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    Might be worth updating Moodle before updating individual modules as they may rely on the new version code to install/run successfully.

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    I answered you on Moodle.org but am replying here too in case you look at it sooner. I know it's not the response you want but I really think it is more important you upgrade from the seriously old 1.6 and then figure out the questionnaire module afterwards (which will probably work better after an upgrade anyway) Earlier versions of Moodle have serious security holes and it's better to be safe in advance than sorry after the event. Are you absolutely sure the whole Moodle hasn't been hacked - just the files making up the older questionnaire module?

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    I'd agree with secretlife- try and upgrade your Moodle, keep it as current as possible, if only for security reasons. Older versions do have security flaws, which are fixed in newer versions.

    Difficult to tell, and even if the module requires a certain version, module dependencies may require a newer version. Bite the bullet (backup before you do)....

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