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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Moodle Slider in Technical; Perhaps more of a "How do you do it" but specifically moodle so I'll try it here. I need to ...
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    Moodle Slider

    Perhaps more of a "How do you do it" but specifically moodle so I'll try it here.

    I need to create a sliding bar that pupils can drag between two values to show how much they understand something for example.

    For instance, an activity could be rated by dragging the marker between bad and good. We then need to be able to see the numerical value for this in the results with their username...

    There is the rate question type in the questionnaire module but this has a selection of radio buttons and the teacher behind this is adamant that this be a free scale.

    Here is the kind of thing I mean:
    Slider (WebFX)

    Anyone have any ideas? I've searched through the moodle forums and can't find a thing!

    Thanks in advance


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    Hi Phil,

    have a look at this

    Development:Question type plugin how to - MoodleDocs

    it includes a template for a moodle quiz question it should be to hard to merge the example and the template.

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