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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, setting up sims for fronter, and got a query in Technical; Setting up Sims for use with fronter, and one of the bits it wants me to do is set up ...
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    setting up sims for fronter, and got a query

    Setting up Sims for use with fronter, and one of the bits it wants me to do is set up a sechdule task and put the following in the run field

    8. In the Run field, enter the following parameters to the end of the existing text:
    /S /D /U /P

    For example:
    /U username /P password
    NOTE: Spaces must be entered before the switch parameters, e.g. space/S.

    now that reads that it wants me to put my sims user and password in there, into what is basically a plain text format, that people with a little jiggery pokery could open. I'm reluctant to do this! I'm just wondering what others have done to get it working, have you just done as asked?

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    that may not be your sims name but the SA password for the SQL server which is just as bad

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    Is it really that much of an issue though if the scheduled task is being run on the server? Can anyone get into the scheduled tasks to view the parameters?

    More often than not you can create a new SIMS account and as long as it has certain reporting pemissions then everything works. Check with Fronter to see exactly what permissions the SIMS account needs. You probably don't need an account that has a lot of access or your main SA password.
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    It almost looks like its using something like osql to run a query. If it is, could you set up the task to run under a specific account set up as a service account and use trusted logon instead?

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