Hello there,

I'd like to be able to include the 'messages' box from a Fronter room as part of the room's home page.
There is not option to do so through the 'include dynamic 'today' element. Is there a way around it at all?

Even better, as I've redesgned the room's front page in iWeb and am hosting it elsewhere, can I somehow scrobble (is that the right word?) the 'Messages' information and include that on my new super duper page?

If I set the 'Staffroom' as users' default page on Fronter, they will see the new groovy page but might not check their 'my today' for messages. If I leave 'my today' as their home page they might only look at that and not use any of the other Fronter stuff I am setting up and trying to persuade them to use...