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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Frog in Technical; I have been asked to look at a few VLE's. Is anybody using Frog and would mind setting me up ...
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    I have been asked to look at a few VLE's. Is anybody using Frog and would mind setting me up an account so I can have a look round it this weekend?

    Much appreciated.

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    Can't help you with a login, but I can tell you that we evaluated it recently.

    In the end we went with a Sharepoint solution; but FROG got a good look in. We felt it would be a very quick win with the staff and students, but did feel that we'd hit limitations with it quite quickly with regard to scalability. Sharepoint, we decided would be a slower burn but a bigger, better end result.

    If you're looking at the moment and you're a SIMS school, I'd strongly suggest you look at SIMS Learning Gateway 2 - It's about the same money as FROG and looks to give the best of all worlds with more besides.

    IIRC FROG have a demo school with demo accounts - if you contact them direct I'm sure they'll sort you out with one

    There's plenty of documentation on the web for FROG too - I take it you've reddit...reddit... reddit... http://www.frogtrade.com/
    I hope that helps - I know I rambled a bit off topic
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    We've got Frog but unfortunately I can't give you an account to our VLE as there's some confidential information on there. I would talk to one of the sales reps though, they are very helpful and could set you up some trial accounts on their site.

    We spent a great deal of time looking for a VLE and looked at SIMS Gateway and some other SharePoint based systems. We found them to be too restrictive with what could be done with them. The major drawbacks though were the limited customisation that could be achieved with any SharePoint system and the general 'business' look and feel. SharePoint sites are difficult to make child 'friendly'.

    With our Frog site we have different log in profiles for different users. Each links to the same information but the profiles allow different user groups to have separate page templates. Therefore our staff pages look book business like, clean and professional. The students profiles have a template with more pictures, larger icons and generally more appealing to students.

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