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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Citrix Gateway/VPN for VLE in Technical; Can I use the fact that the school has a VPN into the school and use all the resources for ...
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    Citrix Gateway/VPN for VLE

    Can I use the fact that the school has a VPN into the school and use all the resources for our pupils as a substitute for a VLE. It would make my life a little easier if this could be used instead of a dedicated VLE.

    What options do other people have?

    Also, I have just had a meeting with our SLT and informed them that we may need a dedicated person to do what the teachers should be doing with regards to the VLE. And an option was to ditch Moodle and go with an off-the-shelf product so it's easy for teachers to use - is there such a thing, if so, what is it?

    Many thanks

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    From a technical perspective Citrix/TS provides some of the features of a VLE, but it misses the essential features that can make a VLE a revolutionary teaching tool.

    Most VLEs sadly are little more than glorified document repositories...

    Where you would be missing out would be in the areas of collaboration...

    If you are considering an alternative comercial product that would be easier than moodle for staff to use I would recommend considering Frog - it doesn't have all the features of Moodle, but makes up for this in being very flexible and very ease of use... Have a read about other peoples comments about Frog on this forum.

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