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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Longman Upload to fronter in Technical; Hi all, Currently in the proccess of setting up Fronter VLE for my school. Hit a bit of a wall ...
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    Longman Upload to fronter

    Hi all,

    Currently in the proccess of setting up Fronter VLE for my school. Hit a bit of a wall at the minute with Science and was wondering if anyone could help. The Science department have given me a piece of software called 'Longman Science for AQA - ActiveTeach'. They have told me that their entire curriculum is on this however as far as I know there are no SCORM versions of this software to upload onto the site and the software isnt uploadable onto Fronter.

    Any suggestions?

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    If the Science ActivTeach is anything like some of the Maths ones then there is probably a flash file somewhere in the root (*.swf) if you can find a way to host the files in fronter (without out them loosing there referencing to each other) then you should be able to just embed the swf file...

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    We've got some of the ActiveTeach stuff and that came with SCORM packages. If you email the digital support team they're very helpful and may be able to help you out.

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