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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Moodle Calendar - import from MS Outlook in Technical; Mornin all, I'm in the process of setting up moodle to use as our VLE. I've been searching the net ...
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    Cool Moodle Calendar - import from MS Outlook

    Mornin all,

    I'm in the process of setting up moodle to use as our VLE.

    I've been searching the net to find a way to import icals into moodle, Moodle currently has the ability to export the calendar but not to import one into moodle.

    As we currently have our school calendar in outlook I really can't be to type all the events into moodle manually and would love to just be able to sync from Outlook to moodle.

    I've found one guy who's written a vb script to do it but was wondering if any of you have succeeded any other way?

    Any help appreciated.


    IT Dan

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    When you say stored in outlook, I am assuming you mean it lives on an exchange server, is it a public calendar?

    I have written a php app that integrates a users calendar events from their exchange mail account into our portal. It uses webdav to talk to the exchange server.

    If you have webdav access to the exchange server, then you could extract the events that way. I dont mind sharing the code if interested, drop me a PM.

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    Did anyone ever find a solution to this? On the Moodle site, there's something about a VBS script but there's a pair of scripters chatting and it goes way above my head! Anyone have an easier option?

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