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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Shocked student teacher in Technical; Funny thing just happened in my lonely office so i thought I would share. A new student type teacher came ...
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    Shocked student teacher

    Funny thing just happened in my lonely office so i thought I would share.
    A new student type teacher came in and was talking about how she was going to create a great project for our VLE and for her course work for (uni?)
    I let her tick off the list of all the things she was going to do such as interactive quizzes, tests and the like and then asked how should could log on to our moodle.

    The great bit was when I told her we had uniservity.
    Her face dropped and even more so when I told her she couldn't do half the things she wanted to.

    I gave her a log in and wished her luck!

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    I shocked one of our lecturers, who graduated herself fairly recently when I showed her Turnitin, the plagiarism detection system. "I didn't believe that existed, I always thought it was something the lecturers made up to scare us"

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    Send her here we've got Moodle and need a Content Creator.


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    If you use Sharepoint with Moodle as the LE. Then you can have best of both worlds.

    The survey tool in sharepoint is OK. You can even edit it without having to be a developer.

    Over the years we have seen the growth of sharepoint power users, because of the flexibility of sharepoint you do not always have to be a developer.

    They even have a blog in the states. Using jquery you can do a lot. This is an article on how to remove a button in a sharepoint survey.

    Remove the 'Save' button from a SharePoint survey | End User SharePoint

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