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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, One Moodle Course - 4 Classes in Technical; Here's one for Moodle experts - I've looked and cannot find an easy answer. We have a Year 8 Dreamweaver ...
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    One Moodle Course - 4 Classes

    Here's one for Moodle experts - I've looked and cannot find an easy answer.

    We have a Year 8 Dreamweaver course. It's all setup in Moodle and I am happy with the content.

    Can anyone tell me the best way to have 4 different classes sit the one course? In a Year 7 course I decided to let every class access the one course - this meant there were 100 of each assignment uploaded and it was a long process pulling out the marks and moving through the pages etc.

    We have been told by our LEA to upload the course 4 times and tell each class to click on the correct course with it's own unique code. This seems a bit long winded - especially as my courses have a lot of sound and gfx in there.

    So there must be a way to have one course and then be able to group the kids so the work goes into the correct class etc.

    Any advice appreciated,


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    the other way is to have groups setup within each course. only problem is everyone has the same assignmnt deadlines.

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    You can re-create the course as a meta course. Then have 4 normal courses. Thus through auto-enrollment, when a pupil enrolls on the normal course they are also enrolled on the meta course (which has all your course materials).

    Meta course - MoodleDocs

    See Scenario #1.

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    agreed with both

    agree with Geoff about metacourses but also agree with gaz35o about setting up groups - much easier then to filter the gradebook so teachers only have to deal with their own class. As for all having the same deadlines, you could switch off the deadlines such that it's always available -or alternatively , make different assignments for each set. No over impressed by the LEA's advice I must say, although it would work.

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