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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Kaleidos - GPO configuration help in Technical; I could use a little help here with a Kaleidos Portal enabled school for which R have been in, installed ...
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    Kaleidos - GPO configuration help

    I could use a little help here with a Kaleidos Portal enabled school for which R have been in, installed it and then left without providing any technical documentation on requirements for things like GPO, etc...

    So, as the fonts of all knowledge I was wondering if anyone had any information on what settings are required as at the moment one small part isn't functioning as required.

    When clicking on the "Customise" link it pops up with a blank window then gives error "Error with data fetch" and then something about retry/refresh page to try again but this doesn't work.

    I'm guessing it's a security issue with IE7 or similar but I can't find any information on what's required and the Rm.com reference area isn't playing ball with errors as well, presumably again because it needs certain scripting functions enabled, etc...

    In the words of Penelope Pitstop... "Heeeeelllllppppp"

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    These are articles that may be of some help. We have had browser problems too, uploading files to VLE, but not getting the same errors as you. Can you ask RM to log in remotely? They have done this for me a couple of times.
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