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    Moodle 2.0

    Just installed Moodle 2.0 Dev build and I like it alot! Not sure when its due for release but seen one or two posts which seem to hint towards April-ish time (Perhaps in time for the Moot?).

    One thing which i like is a much improved WYSIWG Editor, the current WYSIWYG Editor is really dated and i think was abandoned by the people developing it so didnt ever move forward.

    Also, seems to be a number of 'easy' ways to link to external file respositories like Moodle-to-Moodle, WebDav, Flickr, Alfresco etc...

    Finally, Conditional Activities, the ability to create activities with a set of criteria setting out when and how the activity is displayed to students.


    # Web Resource Two is visible to the student but blocked. they canít access it until they view Web Resource One

    # Once they have viewed both Web Resources a Topic Quiz will appear as if by magic.

    Obviously a lot of other combinations can be created.

    Im sure there are plenty of other things to be found out, anyone who wants to take a look at Moodle 2.0 drop me a PM and ill give you access to my install.

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    The moodleman (Julian Ridden) did a good screencast of conditional activities here and I agree; it will have loads of uses...Moodle 2.0 Sneak Peak - Conditional Activities | The Moodleman Blog

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