Morning Guys,

I have downloaded the moodle system from spikesource which installed onto my IIS7 system running on WIN08 and SQL Express 05 SP2.

The moodle version is 1.8.4.

When I copy the new version into the webfolder and go to the admin page I get...

..Upgrading Moodle database from version 1.8.4 (2007080300) to 1.9.3+ (Build: 20081126) (2007101532)... Do you want to proceed. I click yes and everythings green and happy.

When I click continue I get 3 errors in the DB upgrade

4922: ALTER TABLE ALTER COLUMN shortname failed because one or more objects access this column.

ADOConnection._Execute(ALTER TABLE mdl_course ALTER COLUMN shortname NVARCHAR(100) NOT NULL, false) % line 891, file:
ADOConnection.Execute(ALTER TABLE mdl_course ALTER COLUMN shortname NVARCHAR(100) NOT NULL) % line 89, file: dmllib.php
execute_sql(ALTER TABLE mdl_course ALTER COLUMN shortname NVARCHAR(100) NOT NULL, true) % line 2277, file: dmllib.php
execute_sql_arr(Array[1], true, true) % line 1127, file: ddllib.php
change_field_type(Object:XMLDBTable, Object:XMLDBField, true, true) % line 1143, file: ddllib.php

Anyone got any advice on how I fix this? I would like the latest version for NTLM and so I can play with it properly. As a M$ whore I like everyhting up to date at all times.

I've tried lots of different ways to upgrade but each one fails... when I delete the Moodle folder and put the update files in and copy the config file over I don't have a authentication module.

Really not liking Moodle at present... I spent 2 days trying to get it working on Windows and when I have I am not impressed. Although to be honest I won't be using it. I would prefer to use sharepoint but that costs too much for us.

I suppose I hated Joomla when I first started using it but now i love it.