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    Back To VLE Basics

    There are many threads covering all sorts of angles on this, but the range and length of the discussions plus the number offerings in the so-called VLE marketplace has me confused going back to basics about what are we trying to achieve.

    I pose the question ‘How does/will Ofsted go about ticking the box that says the school meets the VLE requirements’.

    Here in Derbyshire Kaleidos is the County chosen product, but Kaleidos is in itself a made up of a number of elements. Would one have to use the entire product, or just a part of it to satisfy the powers that be?

    For example we are planning to give students access to the school systems via Citrix Secure Gateway. Therefore the majority of the subject related material together with their own files will be available to students via this method. Would this get the tick in the box?

    I can see that there are elements of Kaleidos and many other products which will provide added value such as forums, homework scheduling, alerts, etc. So, would a combination of access to the school network plus some of these added features be acceptable?

    Am I alone in this? Your views would be much appreciated.


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