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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, MOSS Custom CSS in Technical; We use MOSS 2007 as our VLE which is hosted by our LEA. The LEA has one theme in particular ...
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    MOSS Custom CSS

    We use MOSS 2007 as our VLE which is hosted by our LEA. The LEA has one theme in particular which is close to our needs but not quite there so I was wanting to edit it using custom.css

    I'm testing it on a subsite first to ensure it works before rolling out but the changes I make aren't getting through to the site. Here's the steps I've taken.

    1) Create custom.css with the following
    2) Upload CSS file to the top level site in the styles library
    3) Goto my sub-site and site settings then master pages under look and feel
    4) At the bottom, select the custom.css for the CSS file.

    After doing this, the site still doesn't change appearance - has any body had any success overiding the core.css with this method? And if so can you offer any advise?

    P.S. Please don't be sarcy and say "The problem is you're using MOSS 2007"

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    My first step would be to ensure that the file I've changed is being looked at at all by the page; if I establish it is then prod the css a lot, if not then check the config pages.

    If you install the firebug extension for firefox, you can see what every css file that gets used is and if its rules are over-ridden elsewhere and many other groovy things :-) . Not knowing the inner workings of MOSS I can't guarantee that this will give conclusive info one way or the other, but it could be useful.

    If your css file is being used but the rules don't appear to be being applied, try adding the !important decleration (eg:
    HTML Code:
    .ms-globalbredcrumb {
      backgroun-color: #000000 !important;
    ) to try to make sure your rules aren't over-ruled by later declerations for the same element. Remember CSS is cascading, so the last / most specific rule defined for an element gets used.

    Hope that helps you out a bit. If you clarify the exact problem at all I'll help if I can.


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    Not sure if it will help, still only just starting out with MOSS myself, but one stumbling block I did fall over early on was making sure files, such as custom stylesheets, were checked in (or published, not quite sure of the correct terminology) once I'd completed them to allow users to see the changes. Maybe this is the same problem you're having? Like the poster above, I've also found that marking changes as !important helps to override some of the more stubborn Sharepoint styles.

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    My understanding is that once you amend custom.css, the way in which css is implemented changes somewhat:

    If your master page links to a custom CSS file, the CSS file will get pulled before Core.CSS. it may therefore be that the Core.css is still overriding your changes in custom.css?

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