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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Helpdesk on VLE in Technical; Is it possible to have a technical helpdesk running in/on a VLE? I want the staff to go to the ...
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    Helpdesk on VLE

    Is it possible to have a technical helpdesk running in/on a VLE?
    I want the staff to go to the 'staff room' and be able to access the helpdesk, and then I want to be able to see it from the NM log on?
    I'm sure it can be done if someone writes a program but I can't do that!

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    What platform is the vle?


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    Surely it depends on the type of VLE you go for?

    Maybe you could have a nice setup that is based on Windows SharePoint services (with nice themed pages customised to look like your school) that then links through to Moodle (for VLE Content) and you could then either use a custom SharePoint list for helpdesk stuff or link to another helpdesk (maybe something PHP based).

    It should be possible to incorporate all of these things within SharePoint so it appears to the end user that they're never actually leaving the "main VLE site".

    Just my 2p worth...

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