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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Norfolk schools using Fronter... in Technical; Any feedback? We're going to be making a decision before xmas; the chances are we'll go for Fronter given the ...
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    Norfolk schools using Fronter...

    Any feedback?

    We're going to be making a decision before xmas; the chances are we'll go for Fronter given the cost (nowt) and the MIS integration, etc - not to mention having all the support done offsite by someone else...
    The problem that irks me is trying to get feedback from those that have used it in the classroom. I've tried contacting one of two schools direct to no avail and going through county isn't much better, though they are offering to come visit us to do a run through...

    So, any major issues? Is it usable? How are teaching staff taking to it?

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    I'm not in Norfolk but know quite a bit about Fronter and can give some impartial views if you want. PM me if you want more details

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    Hey there, we started using Fronter back in September - took the earliest opportunity we could.

    The integration with SIMS was relatively smooth and effective.

    One of the main problems was deciding how to structure the manually created rooms - we opted for a general room for each subject.

    On one of our inset days, all staff were introduced to Fronter and how to use many aspects of it. Since then there have been many requestes for rooms for this that and the other.

    There is also a big push from the SLT to use it - some of the ways it is being used is quite interesting - good to see the effort put into creating the rooms etc isn't being wasted!

    Have you moved onto it yet? I'm aware this thred is a couple of months old now!

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