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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, VLE Implementation Timeline in Technical; Hello everyone. I'm hoping that someone out there can help me? I have only recently moved into School IT having ...
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    VLE Implementation Timeline

    Hello everyone.

    I'm hoping that someone out there can help me? I have only recently moved into School IT having spent my time working in the Financial business. I have a great deal to learn about both IT and the Government expectations from IT departments in schools - and that brings me on to my question about VLEs.

    I have grasped what they are but what I dont get yet, is when they have to be implemented! There seems to be a number of stages to a VLE - can anyone confirm what these are please? And also - more importantly - when each of these stages needs to be completed.

    I am a bit concerned that my school is a bit behind where we need to be and I am desparate to know what deadlines we should be working towards. I know that the school leaders need to get involved too but I want to make sure that IT is in line.

    Many thanks,

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    as far as I'm aware there are just two targets;

    By Summer 2008 the DSCF target was access to a personalised online learning space with the potential to support an e-portfolio.

    The second target is summer 2010, which is access to a full learning platform using ‘single sign-on’ interoperability.

    This part of the becta site Personalising learning contains more information on the different options available. It is my understanding that your LEA is supposed to have put provision in place for schools to meet the first target, whether that be funding for a platform hosted in school, or an external service hosted by the LEA that the school can subscribe to, so it would be worth contacting your LEA to see what they have put in place.


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    Have PM'd you re possibilities in Dorset

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